Frequently Asked Questions


  • Voting on agenda items for participatory events (councils, meetings, assemblies, commissions, etc.).
  • Voting on electoral processes.
  • Single act or demarcation processes.
  • Real-time or early voting processes over a period of time.

There are several possibilities such as digital certificates, registration processes, intranet for access to voting after identification by user/password by the entity itself…

Depending on the method chosen, it will be necessary to carry out integration processes with the entity or provide email addresses, mobile numbers or both of the potential voters (based on a data processor contract for the purposes of data protection regulations).

Normally the customisation of the platform and various organisational aspects of the process are managed by EADTrust staff, in collaboration with the people in charge of the entity. One of the reasons why we are hired is because of our management independence and to simplify the processes for the organisers. We would be responsible for any inappropriate action, among other aspects because the testimony issued by EADTrust includes aspects such as attendees, necessary quorum, voting results and statistical data that may be of interest. The records generated are auditable and make any error or manipulation very difficult. 

The criteria of independence and impartiality are part of the requirements of the audits that EADTRUST periodically passes, among them ISO-27001 and EIDAS.

The precedence of the vote, if it is allowed to exercise the vote by several means, must be contemplated in the statutes or in the electoral regulations of the entity. As there may be different cases, the platform must adapt to the applicable ones.

If the electronic vote is early and the voter goes to vote later than in person, his vote is usually withdrawn from the early voting platform. But another option would be to limit his or her face-to-face voting if he or she has already voted telematically.

Yes, there are usually two options when voting for a single candidate: vote in favour and abstention.

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